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Sri Rajagopala Swamy Temple

Sri Dharmeshwarar temple

Gaja Brishta Vimanam


inscriptions on the temple wall



Manimangalam is about 8 km west of Tambaram on the Vandalur- Sriperumbudur Road.
The village is historically important because in the 7th century, Manimangalam was the scene of a great battle between the Pallava ruler, Mamalla, 

and the Chalukyan monarch, Pulikesin II. It is renowned for an old temple of Sri Rajagoplan temple and Sri Dharmeswara Temple.

Manimangalam is about 32 km to the east of Kanchipuram.


No. 41.- On the east wall of the Dharmesvara temple

Like No. 40, this inscription is dated on a week-day which will probably admit of calculation, in the 18th year of the reign of 

Tribhuvanachakravartin  Rajarajadeva.  It records that the same two brothers, who are mentioned in No. 39 above, paid to the authorities of the 

Dharmesvaa temple two kalanju of gold, from the interest of which the cost of feeding two lamps had to be defrayed.

(Line 1.) Hail ! Prosperity ! With the approval of the god, - in the 18th year (of the reign) of the emperor of the three worlds, Sri-Rajarajadeva, 

on the day of Revati, which corresponded to a Tuesday and to the second tithi of the second fortnight of the month of Simha, - we, all the 

holders of the land (kani) of the Siva-Brahmanas of the temple of the lord Tanmisvara at Manimangalam, alias Gramasikhamani-

chaturvedimangalam, in Kunrattur-nadu, (a subdivision) of Puliyur-kottam, alias Kulottunga-Sola-valanadu, (a district) of Jayankonda-Sola-mandalam, 

(viz.,) Gautaman Ambalakkutta-Bhattan, Kasyappan Gangadhara-Bhattan, and the partners[4] of  Kasyapan Truchchirrambala-Bhattan, received on 

interest from Brahmapriyan, the eldest son of Panchanadi Lakshmanan Malaiginiyaninran, the accountant of this village, and his younger brother 

Ahavamalladevan 2 kalanju of pure gold (under the condition) that we should burn at early dawn from this day two sacred lamps which (those two 

persons) had given (to the temple).

(L. 8.) We, all these persons, caused to be engraved on stone that, having received these two kalanju of gold, we shall be bound to burn (those 

two lamps) as long as the moon and the sun exist.

(L. 9.) This was written under order by Manimangalam-udaiyan Alumbiran.

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Thursday, 11 December, 2008

Float Festival @ Mudichur Temples 11-12-208

Lord Murugan In the Flot

Valli Devaanai Udanurai Murugan

Me Along with my friends

Theppam Festival is celeberated in Mudichur "Srividhyambigai samedha Bheemeshwarar" (popularly known as Mudichur Siva Vishnu kovil) temple every year on Karthigai Deepam day.  This year also it was celeberated with usual spirit. All the people in the surrounding of mudichur and mannivakkam village celeberated the festival with joy.